The Wedding of Cherish Mcmillan and Kahil Davis was on Saturday July, 14 2012.
The wedding was absolutly beautiful. Cherish is the granddaughter of Geraldine Pierce of Buffalo New York. More pics and video of the event to follow.

Hello Family, just letting everyone know about the arrival of Aren Anthony Lee Cray on 4/9/12 his sister Gaia Renee Cray was born on 4/1/09. He is the brand new son of Anthony & LaVerne Cray in Salisbury Md. This new journey of parenthood for Anthony & LaVerne ask for all of the family's prays so that we can continue grow and be strong. I would like to say please view the new pics on the photo album section of the site. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Anthony & LaVerne Cray visited Buffalo, New York this weekend (10/17-10/19) and they really had a great time fellowshiping with family. They visited a lot of family and ate at a few restaurants savoring some of the wonderful flavors of Buffalo. Our only problem was that the time was really too short, but we're grateful for the time we had.  We really appreciate Anthony and LaVerne taking the time out of their anniversary weekend to spend some time with family in cold Buffalo.  Yes, the air was crisp. 
Their first-year anniversary was 10/20/08 and they celebrated it at Uncle Gene's and Aunt Arelela's in Mardela Springs Maryland with family where they received a few unexpected surprises.  From all of us to the both of you we wish you nothing but the best of God's blessings going forward!

Walter and Maggie, Gregory and Caroline, Patrick and Michelle, Uncle Beauford and Ruthie, Valeria and Hiram, and all the kids.

2008 was a historical year with the election of Barack Obama as the first African American as President of the United States of America. Anthony Cray assisted in his own county as a Election Technican. This job's main focus was to make sure all of the election equipment worked properly. 

On February 22nd Anthony and LaVerne are having a baby shower for their forthcoming bundle of joy. Gaia Renee Cray's expected date of arrival is April
9th, 2009!!!!

December 24th 2008 was the 49th Wedding Anniversary of Gene and Arelela Cray. They were hosted by their youngest child Anthony and wife LaVerne to a delicious dinner at their home.
Also, Beauford and Ruthie Cray celebrated their 9th Wedding Anniversary
in Buffalo, New York.

Gene and Arelela Cray plan to go down south at the start of August 2009 to Baxley to visit Uncle Joel. We all hope that Uncle Joel, Aunt Jean and family are doing just fine and we ask the spirit for swift travels.

Hello family this is Anthony Cray and I would like to share that on 8/12/10 myself and my father Gene Cray traveled down south to see family. We did not stay longer than a week. We were able to visit Don Cray in Macon,Ga Warren and Sam Cray in Atlanta and Uncle Joel and family in Baxley. For me it was a truly incredible and emotional trip as we traveled the roads of our past. We were even able to see Cousin Shelly Cash. I was able to get some pics of he and his wife and give them a place on the photo albums,his history in my opinion is incredible, he is Great Nephew of Les Cray... can't say enough about him.

Uncle Joel looked good Aunt Jean is an amazing woman!!! Randy the oldest son is there taking care of them both.  We spoke with Mary, Darcia and Ruth. They all are looking beautiful! I enjoyed it I know my Dad did and we continue to ask for your prayers as we go through the ordeal with my mother going through Chemotherapy. She wanted to make the trip but could not because of her condition. 

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