Our Story


For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under the heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1



As time unfolded in the southern boundaries of the lovely peach state of Georgia many years ago, there was a son born to a couple Moses and Mary Cray and a daughter was born in the same area to a couple, John Douglas and Melissa Cromartie. The beautiful daughter, Ruby Cromartie became the love of the Less Lee Cray, the son of Moses and Mary Cray. Thus, the union of Less Lee and Ruby was consummated in Holy Matrimony in Appling. County Georgia


This July 2017 we will gather as a result of the creation brought about by the season and time within the lives of our fore parents years ago. An amazing trek from the southlands and across this country has taken place within the family that resulted from the Cromartie Cray family. The union of Less Lee and Ruby Cray yielded eight children, six boys and two girls. Presently, Gene Arthur Cray lives in Mardela Springs, MD.


Born in succession from oldest to youngest were John Douglas Cray, Rubenia Cray Alderman, Leadley Moses Cray, Carzell Cray, Beauford Cray, Geraldine Olivia Cray Pierce, Joel Cray, and Gene Arthur Cray


The Cromartie Cray family in various locations has blessed our country. John and Thelma Cray made their home in Okeechobee, Fla. Rubenia and Ellis Alderman made their home in Baxley, Ga. Which is also the home of Joel and Eva Jean Cray. Geraldine Olivia Cray Pierce and Walter Pierce made their home in Buffalo, New York which is also the home of Beauford and Ruthie Cray. Carzell Cray & Bernice made their home in Miami, Fla. Leadley and Annie Mae Cray lived in various locations, including Ga, Fla, Md, and NY. After many years of marriage, Annie Mae passed away. Later, Leadley married Ola Cray. They lived in Baxley Ga, which is also the home of Joel and Eva Jean Cray. Gene and Arelela Cray made their home in Mardela Springs, MD. This is just a brief description of the widespread of this family.


Each sibling has increased the continuous spread both

in location and in members being added to the family ties. Like a giant oak tree the family steadily spreads its roots with 35 grand children, ___ great grand children, ___ great great grand children,

many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.


In later years, Ruby Cromartie Cray married Lennie Dublin of Barnesville, South Carolina. They did not have children, but Mr. Lennie was like a father to all of the Cray Children. He was loved and respected by them until he passed.


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